I Did It

You may remember, last May {here}, I started a little project.  Something just for fun.
I stayed with it all year, early mornings and late at night.  I doodled, I drew, I painted.

When I started I thought, oh sure, I'll stay with this {snickering}, I was overwhelmed by the number of pages {42 pages}, I wondered if I could fill them all.  By fall I thought, okay, I can do this and was a bit worried I might not have enough pages!

So, December 1st came, and in between all the holiday must-do's....I painted the last pages, selected the photos I wanted to include and finally one afternoon tied a red silky ribbon around this labor of love and called it done.

 I felt a little sad when it was done.  I had so much fun!
Hope you enjoyed this little peek.
Till Next Time.......


Vicki Jo said…
So so beautiful! What a joy it must have been for you to create this lovely book! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
loverly! beauteous! smashing! sweeet!!!
love your book my friend ~
thank you for sharing with us and congrats for sticking to it ~ it is so 'you' :)
Kays Kids said…
Your drawing and painting is so delightful. What a treasure of a book. Keep painting.
Hugs kay
Heidi Steiner said…
Thank You friends for stopping by today. So happy my silliness amused you.
Yours in a whimsy-
How sweet is this!!!
Your watercolors are just lovely m'dear!
(I too tried to begin sketching at the beginning of the year a few years ago . . I think I made it 3 days :-) Maybe, just maybe, I'll try again!
Karen said…
Oh my. Your book is so beautiful and worthy to be published and cherished. The paintings, drawings are so gentle and lovely and bring me back to my childhood. Thank you for sharing your gift!
Tracy Lee Pitre said…
Magic and whimsy rolled into one ...love your book!