Paint Me A Dream

I day dream. I night dream.
I'm a dreamer.
I started a little project in February to amuse myself. I thought, how fun would it be if I chronicled the year.
A journal of sorts. 
So, every few nights I find myself drawing and painting.  It's so relaxing and doing it before bedtime, I don't feel guilty that I'm taking my precious daytime hours to play.

I'm going to try hard to stay with it.  I really am. I'll incorporate bears and beasties I make through out the year.  
In my head, my little story seems to be revolving around silly mices running amok.

At years end, if I can truly stay with this newest folly.........
I'll paste this photo to the cover.

I'm not a painter, I won't quit my day job, but, what can I say, I'm simply a dreamer.
We all need a dream, don't you agree? 
Dream on friends.......


Kays Kids said…
Heidi I have had to hankering to paint again this last month. It is years since I painted. I think your journal is lovely.
Hugs Kay