Crazy Wonderful

 The past few weeks have been wildly crazy. 
Me and Mr. Steiner have been tackling yet another long list of to-do's. A list that seems miles long, a to-do list that we have ignored for far to long. This summer it's mostly yard and garden to-do's.  We've been shoveling and toting yards and yards of mulch.  I must admit, Mr. Steiner has been doing all the heavy lifting and he's done a great job.  The gardens are lovely, something new is always blooming.  I think I'm even winning the battle with the weeds.

I'll be taking a few days off from all the to-do's and must-do's..........
They're coming!!!!
They're on the way!!!!!!!!

 The grandies are coming to stay and play!!!
We are soooooo excited.

Must dash now......still lots to-do before they arrive.
 Catcha on the flip side.......
Yours in a whimsy.........