An Ordinary Day

A few days ago, late in the afternoon nearing dinner time, Mr. Steiner knowing I was busy in the kitchen, shouts to me from another room........"what are you doing in there?"
I replied......."I'm making eggs"
Mr. Steiner....."that sounds good"
Me....."they look pretty good"

Poor Mr. Steiner, it didn't occur to him right away .....Mrs. Steiner doesn't cook!  
We did not have eggs for dinner that night.  I don't recall now just what we did have.
I do remember, my face hurt the whole evening from blowing out the eggs.  But, I do love how they turned out.  I used Rit dye to color them.

Meanwhile on the other counter top.........more egg making.  This time, lots of glue and paper.

Happy Sunday!
Yours in a whimsy.....