Pumpkin Pie

It's snowing today.  The first snow of the season. 
What is it about the first snow?  It's so magical and so lovely.
My thoughts today were about Thanksgiving.  It's time for me to plan the menu, shop for the feast and cook.  

Pumpkin pie is a must. 
My plans have changed. Oh, there will still be pumpkin pie, but I'll be making a trip to the bakery.
I'm thankful for snow!

Yours in a whimsy............


Kays Kids said…
How I would love to feel the experience of snow for Christmas. It looks so beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving.
Heidi Steiner said…
Hello Kay~ Snow sure does make the holidays festive! The cold not so much. I hope you and yours are well. I'm sure you are busy stitching. "kids" for the holidays. Hugs~H.