“Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm.”
~John Muir~

The weather has finally taken a turn here in Wisconsin.  The past days have been beautiful.  Temps in the 40's and lots of sunshine sure are welcomed in my little corner of the world.

Spring has sprung in the studio.

I've been staying busy working on orders and special commissions.  The studio is bursting with spring. A box of whimsy will soon be on the way to Earth Angels Studios.  I'm so tickled with the new pieces, I'll share photos soon.

The past several nights I've spent purging the studio.  Spring cleaning!  
 I've been digging through boxes of old stuff...sorting and gathering stuff I've been stockpiling for years.

So..........I've decided to have an impromptu spring sale!  I'll have all sorts of vintage bits and bobs.  I'll have these offerings available on the "OFFERINGS" page. I'm hoping to start this next week.........watch for details.

I'd best hop back to work.........
Yours in a whimsy,