What can I say.  Winter.  I'm over it. I'm bored with it.
I really shouldn't complain, this winter has been a cake walk compared to what many of you are dealing with.  We haven't had as much snow as in past years, but, we've certainly had the bitter cold.  Lots and lots of cold.
It will be some time yet, before I can play in the yard.  There won't be any sign of life in the gardens for a couple months yet.
I can't wait.  I don't want to wait.  So, what is one crazy woman to do?
I'm going to start growing sewing my own little flowers.

That's exactly what I did a couple days ago......I made a little flower.  It makes me smile.  
I think by the time Spring finally arrives, probably June here in Wisconsin, I should have a pretty sweet little flower garden.

Yours in a Whimsy......


DollZandThingZ said…
We need all the whimsy we can get! I have made a lot of things lately just to stave off cabin fever! Your flower is a day-brightener!
Absolutely wonderful! What a bouquet you could assemble in the last four weeks before spring!
love your pretty little flower :)
Hoping Spring visits all of us soon ~