A Busy Week

Greetings friends.........

I just wanted to pop in quick for a heartfelt hello. 
With Thanksgiving just a couple days away, I know you're as busy as I am.  It's good to know I'm not alone....we're all in this together!

Between the miles of grocery lists I'm sifting through, the cleaning {okay, condensing of piles}, and the always where is everyone going to sleep ordeal...........

I'm having fun in the studio.
Seems I can almost hear these dear fellows whispering to me ~
slow down, it will all turn out just fine.

Till Next Time........


Carolyn Robbins said…
Hi Heidi,

I love your blog. So glad I found you. Your bears a beautiful.

Bear Hugs,
Brenda said…
Thes are just as sweet as can be, Heidi. have a wonderful Thanksgiving, with your family.

Brenda x
Debora said…
Oh, I am with you, Heidi! It WILL all turn out just fine, and everyone will enjoy the company and food and fun of Thanksgiving at your home. I must get off this computer and down to the kitchen for my own preparations! Blessings to you--and enjoy this special day to thank the Lord for His myriad blessings.

LOVE these three bears, too! Are they off to somewhere special, or will they be keeping you company this year?
Heidi Steiner said…
Thank you kindly ladies for visiting here today. I am truly thankful for your kindness.
These 3 fellows are indeed headed to new homes for the holidays.
Wishing you all a mery week and a wonderful Thanksgiving full with family and love.