Wonderful Woolies

The bears and I have been waiting patiently to play 
with the scrumptious woolens I've bought at flea markets throughout the summer.  Slips and sweaters, socks and mittens. It's finally time to bring them out of trunks, surround myself and be inspired by them. It's definitely cold and crisp here. 

 Hilda's a big antique American bear, one of my favorites and she loves to play!

Hilda is especially fond of the woolsie slips with beautiful edgings.
She's modeling a real treasure, an I almost fainted   treasure......an antique child size bustle. The bustle has springs in the channels. I think it would be a shame to hide this delight under a dress.  Instead, it just might be seen over a dress.  Or maybe just with a vintage hoop.  My head spins with ideas.

Hilda thinks these darling red wool and fur slippers will keep some bear or beasties feet warm, I must agree.  Or maybe a wee bear or two, one for each shoe.

Time for me to dash off and play.  Hilda is waiting.
Thank you for stopping by today.....


Kays Kids said…
Hi Hilda, your bustle is wonderful What a treasure your mum found. My Granny is very fond of your red slippers.
Hugs Wilbur
DollZandThingZ said…
Love your bear with the pumpkins! And love your banner across the top!
Heidi Steiner said…
Thank you so very much for stopping in to visit Kay and Helen.
Your kind words mean a lot to me.
Hugs- Heidi