Garden Surprise

Well, this month really did sneak up on me.  The past week has been a busy one, but, I guess they all are.
The leaves are falling off trees like crazy, the garden beds are going to sleep.

My last prized and huge surprise in the garden is almost ready to be harvested........

Words cannot express how surprised and excited I was a few weeks ago when I noticed this bit of orange in an out of the way garden.

I've had a vine for the past couple of years, and had always hoped and wished for a pumpkin.  So to say I was over the moon happy to finally have a beautiful pumpkin, is putting it mildly.
I've spent the past couple of weeks going out to check on it daily, to turn it, to protect it.  Almost feeling like I must guard it.

It's not a big pumpkin. But it is a beauty.  And it grew in my garden.
It makes me smile everyday. 
It really is all about the simple pleasures!
Enjoy a lovely weekend.......