Call Me Crazy

Every year, every summer, out of nowhere, with no warning or thought.....
I tackle ONE home project.
This is exactly what I've been doing for over a week now.  I simply woke up one sunny Sunday morning and it all began....I had the crazy notion...I'm going to re-do the living room. Not really the living room, but "heidiland".

I had a paper boarder, thinking it is so dated and I'm so over it, it has to be ripped down.  Something I've wanted to do for years.  Well, when I hung this paper over twenty years ago, I swear I used enough paste that the paper would hold up the walls.   To my surprise, once I started peeling it away, I found stenciling under it that I totally forgot doing so many years ago.

Days, days later the paper is gone, the nail holes are filled and the walls are freshly painted.  This was a huge chore.  I had to inch my way around the room, pushing and shoving, shoving and pushing all my stuff out of the way. Moving things to other rooms just to make a path.

The windows are washed the floor mopped.  It's time now for the fun part.......playing!
I'm totally rearranging my collections.  Every beastie is being vacuumed and eyes shined.
A wee mouse is baffled by this hole in the wall and wonders what is that thing with the beady eyes. 

This is how I've been spending my days........I hope your days have been more fun than mine!
Catch you on the flip side!