As I stumble around the yard , I realize I take these lovely summer mornings for granted.  The early mornings now have a chill in the air and I am reminded that soon the gardens will sleep for a long winter.  I won't be able to wander about in my night gown, sipping coffee, enjoying the pretty fading blooms.

I spent an overnight with my mom a couple days ago, when we woke we enjoyed strolling her lovely gardens together.  We had so much much fun.  I used mom as a "prop" {oh did she giggle about this} and took oodles of photos of mom with a few of my bears.

I love starting my day this way, stumbling around the gardens, even if the skies are gray and the grass is soggy.  It's so quiet, just me and the birds.  It's my time to plot my day, think about the new bears and beasties I'd like to make and of all the unfinished projects that wait for me inside.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend-


What lovely photos . . . I bet your mom had fun!
Heidi Steiner said…
Thank You Lori Ann....I know we are both happy when we can steal away a little special time with our moms.