Still Inspired ~ Summer Whites

The summer days are passing by quickly, I can hardly believe we are days away from August.
Sunshine and gentle breezes have filled the studio the past week, making my work/play so enjoyable.  In between the must-do's, I've been picking and poking at bins of vintage lace and edging.
How could I resist?  I've been embellishing vintage slips.
Pretty summer whites waiting to be worn.

If I could squeeze into one of these..........a happy lady I'd be!
Till Next Time.......


Kays Kids said…
The slips are lovely. Your are like me I can play with antique lace for hours, wondering what it was on in the first place and where it was worn.
Hugs Kay
Heidi Steiner said…
Oh Kay, I bet you have lots of beautiful laces to play with. Playing with the bits and pieces is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
Hugs to you and the "Kids"~