A Grand Time

“She asked me what made me do such a thing. That is an awkward question because I often can't tell what makes me do things. Sometimes I do them just to find out what I feel like doing them. And sometimes I do them because I want to have some exciting things to tell my grandchildren.”
~ L.M. Montgomery~

The past few days have been grand!  
The grandies have been and gone now. Lots and lots of giggles and silliness.

Days filled with art and adventure, evenings with sparklers and catching fire flies.

The best part of the day......the end of the day.
Grandies love slumber parties.
Bunk beds and pillow fights.

I'm counting the days till I can be with the darlings again. For now, it's back to the studio with a happy heart and smile on my face.
Till Next Time.....


I can see much fun has been had in your little corner of the world! :-)
Kays Kids said…
Grandies bring so much love and spice to my life and I can see to yours as well.
Hugs kay.