Lingering On and On

Winter is still here.  
Yes, it's true.  
Old man winter continues to linger.  He just won't go. I would have thought by now, he would have had his fun and would want to to push off and move on.
But nooooooooooo.

Then it occurred to me, maybe it's still winter because I haven't completely used up all the hot cocoa packets yet.  That's it, that's why winter won't go.  I need to guzzle hot chocolate and winter will be over.

 So, if you happen to see blue birds, or hear the robin's sing and you've noticed little flowers pushing up from the'll know I've finished off all the hot cocoa and spring time is here.

Till Next Time........


it looks to me like you have help there my sweet friend ~ lots of little sticky-lipped and coca indulging friends!
now hurry and sip-away Winter for us all :)
Kays Kids said…
Dear Heidi, I hope you finish your chocolate soon and it wont be long before you hear the birds singing.
Hugs Kay
Heidi Steiner said…
Thank You kindly for stopping by to visit today Lori and Kay.
Your silly, cocoa sipping friend-