New Offerings Coming!

Please join me for.......
~Merry Monday~

~Be My Valentine~
Monday, February 3rd, 2014
11:00 AM CST
{right here on my blog}

I will have a couple "sweethearts" for your viewing pleasure and kind consideration.

See you soon!


susan said…
i love th sweet creatures of love you create moved to tears right now bc i know i cant own one myself...i look into th eyes of mabel&feel so comforted&find th peace ive longed for all my life..i just cant accept the past, a life of depression or being bipolar since my youth...i lost my job bc of disability...but I met&married Stan, my prince charming, after my 25yr 1st marriage with an abusive man ended in his death..Mon is our 2nd aniversary &i told Stan no gift for me... but i wanted to tell you how nice i think they are&that if i could affotd a cute animal it would be one of yours...i have a pink bunny...his head falls over...hahaha...keep sharing pieces of your heart bc you are a blessing to others as well im sure...
Kays Kids said…
I love your beary snow angel.