Merry Monday Offerings Today!

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  I have three pieces for your viewing pleasure and kind consideration today.  

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Naughty or Nice?
Please meet.......


This darling black teddy is 9" tall, the overall length of the stocking is 21".
Being "naughty" has never been so good.  Waking to find this little bit of "Cole" in your stocking would be a treat! 
Cole has shinny German glass eyes, wool felt paw pads, is fully jointed and has a cranberry colored floss nose. 

Cole is nestled into an antique stocking, trimmed with vintage MOP buttons and a bell on the toe.  Further adorned with vintage tinsel, ornaments and chenille candy cane.  Cole has an antique tinsel star dangling from his paw, and holds a vintage bottle brush tree.  A small sprig of faux greenery is also tucked in.

*SOLD*  Thank You!

"Miss Mistletoe" 
Miss Mistletoe is a wintery delight. She's 12" tall and created in hand dyed coca colored mohair.
Mistletoe has German glass eyes, is fully jointed and has wool felt pads.  
 She's lovely wearing an antique woolsie slip dress, adorned with vintage MOP buttons. A vintage knit bonnet frames her pretty face, and her paws are warm and toasty in vintage knit mittens. She carries a sprig of holiday greens.

"Miss Mistletoe"   
*SOLD* Thank You!

"Cranberry and Winterberry Pin Keep"

Cranberry is a festive delight. She's created in hand dyed "cranberry" colored mohair {actual cranberry color is richer than appears in photos}, with cranberry wool felt pads.
A dainty little teddy at 7.5" tall.  She wears a dress fashioned from an old knit sweater, embellished with button and embroidery.
Cranberry Winterberry, sits a top a "winterberry" hand dyed  velvet pin cushion. 
 The pin keep is embellished with embroidered velvet holly leaves and 3 pins adorned with velvet holly leaves and wool berry.  The overall height is 9.5".

"Cranberry and Winterberry "
*SOLD*  Thank You!

A couple more photos just for fun............