Antique Scrapbook

"In an age of infinite digital documentation, paper was the safe place for secrets."

I did a little antiquing the other day.......I didn't find much, but what I did find made me happy.
I love paper.  I love OLD paper.  Old books, old documents, old scrapbooks.
Especially old scrapbooks.  I love to wonder who collected and placed every scrap in the book with such care. I wonder if they had as much fun pasting as I have looking at every page.

The book has many pages.  It's loaded with die cuts.  Children, flowers, animals, nursery rhymes and holiday.  Yes, holiday....lots and lots of Santa's!
On the inside cover the owners name is written in pencil and dated.  1898.
Here's just a little peek at some of the many die cuts this treasure book holds.
Till Next Time.........