This Old Doll House

Since I spent much of the summer working on my home....I thought I really should start working on my other old house.
Do you remember me telling you about the old house last fall?
This certainly is my kind of house.  No ladders needed to reach the roof top, a small can of paint will do the job.  No scrapping, no sanding.
 This sure has been fun. I putter with it here and there, when I can spare an hour.  It had to be a yummy shade of orange, it's a Boo house of course. I stained the shingles too.
I knew all the rolls of painters tape I bought for the big house would come in handy.
It's time for me to move inside for now. It didn't seem right to start decorating the porch till I am further along.

Thanks for visiting.......I'll keep you posted as I move along.


Kays Kids said…
You did a great job on the painting. It is a cute house.