They're Coming...............

The past few weeks have been wildly crazy around here.  
Me and Mr. Steiner have been tackling a very long list of to-do's. A list that seems miles long, a to-do list that we have ignored for far to long. Home and garden to-do's.

I've just spent the past 5 days tackling our bedroom.  Ripping off wall paper, mending a plaster wall and painting.  Being in a state of chaos, I cleaned out closets, drawers and cupboards.  I washed windows too....inside and out!

I'll be taking the next 5 days off from all the to-do's and must-do's..........
They're coming!!!!
They're on the way!!!!!!!!

The grandies are coming to stay and play!!!
We are soooooo excited.

Momma and daddy bird will be leaving the darlings in our charge as they will be going to Chicago on business.
Must dash off for now......lots to-do yet before they arrive.
 Catcha on the flip side.......


Kays Kids said…
How exciting. Grandies bring smiles to your heart.
Heidi Steiner said…
My heart is smiling BIG!
Hope you are well and enjoying the day Kay.