~Merry Monday~

Welcome to "Merry Monday"

I have two sweet somethings to offer today.........

"Ethel May" is 12" tall {not including ears}
She's a dainty hare in her easy, breezy eyelet bloomers, perfect for hopping around the garden. A straw bonnet, embellished with silky ribbons shades her pretty face.
She's fully jointed, created from luscious golden mohair, German glass eyes and wool felt foot pads.

Ethel May comes with a little basket and 2 polka dot strawberry's.

 ~SOLD~ Thank You Kindly
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~Strawberry Slipper Pin Keep~
Oh how I'd love to stumble through my gardens wearing slippers like this!
 Bunny is vintage velvet with hand shaded spots, sitting atop a woolen strawberry securely tucked into the slipper.
The slipper, polka dot cotton fabric and vintage hand dyed and shaded velvet adorned with vintage trims and 2 itty bitty velvet strawberries.
 Slipper is 7.5" long, height to tip of bunny ears is 8"

~SOLD~ Thank You Kindly
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Thank You for hopping in today!


Kays Kids said…
I love your work so much. How lucky is that bunny sitting in a strawberry patch shoe.
Heidi Steiner said…
Thank you for the sweetness Kay. I'll pop over to visit you and the kids at your blog soon....