Out on a Whim....Again

I have a thing for boxes.  I see them, I buy them, I bring them home and stash them.
While looking for something last week, I came across, rather it conked me on the head.....this wooden box.
I like this box. Maybe it was the conk to my head, but I had a vision for this box.

Hmmmmmmmm........what to do with it......I think it needs paint.  Eureka!
I'll make-do, and make it into a glorified pinkeeper!
It opens and has lots of space for all kinds of sewing things.

So, I jumped into this project, not with paint first......but I got busy with vintage velvets and started on the pin cushion.

I figure if all else fails.........it would make a dandy bunny hutch. 

I'll let you know my progress on this box.
Till Next Time.......