Christmas Greetings

I think one of the most fun parts of the Christmas season is waiting daily for the mail to arrive.  When I hear the little truck go by, I make a mad dash for the mail box.
I'm always so tickled, even if it's just one little colored envelope tucked in the box waiting for me.  These little gems, holiday greetings..........Christmas cards.

They make me smile.  To know someone, a friend, a special person, took a few moments from their busy day, to think of me and send a Christmas card. 

I treasure these yuletide greetings, I have shoe boxes filled with past years of jolly goodness.  They're all so pretty I can't part with them.

So, it should be no surprise to you that I collect antique Christmas cards.  I love the corny little sentiments, the sweet and simple drawings.  I think the petite size of many is also very endearing.
Merry Christmas card writing..........


Reid Harris said…

I am anxious t osee some wonderful Heidi Christmas items!! Please tell when you will have some!!