I have absolutely no idea what happened to this past week.  It simply sped by and vanished.
I've been keeping very busy in the studio..........the Christmas bins are out and I've got sparkly, wintery bits and baubles everywhere.

I spent the past weekend with my mom.  It's always fun to have her here.  We shopped till we dropped on Saturday.
Mom lives very rural, so it's a treat for her to come to "town" and go to all the stores she doesn't have out in the country.

Our last stop was at a sweet little antique mall.  I managed to find a few things for the bears and even a few things for me.
Here's a little peek at a few things that followed me home.........

A fab antique doll dresser, I can't wait to work this into a display, hats..........a cool velvet military style jacket ( I know the bears and beasties will fight over this one), a large antique net lace bed cover which makes lovely little dresses, millinery flowers and strands of vintage glass Xmas beads.  My favorite find was antique Kugels........3 different sizes and colors , oh how I do adore these shiny orbs.  

It was a good weekend and it's been a good week thus far.
Till next time..........