Tricks or Treats

I'm really good at working 3rd shift.  Late nights are very productive for me.  In the dark of the night, the still of the house......I get a lot done.
I have been working on a very dear to my heart project.
Halloween costumes for the grandies.
My daughter's family are going to be the "sweetest" trick or treaters on Halloween.

Miss Ella will be a cup cake! With a cherry on top hat. I can hardly wait to see my little darling wearing it.  It was really fun to make, a bit of a challenge since I didn't have her little body here. But, it turned out sweet.

I made hats for the rest of the family.  Jack is going to be a chef. Mama already got the little man a chef jacket with scarf. I made him a chef's hat. 
Mama will wear the layer cake hat and dad will wear the derby with a cup cake, doughnut and cookie on it.

So, if a really sweet little family comes knocking...........

Till Next Time........