Hello and Merry Monday To All

Merry Monday!
I can hardly believe it's the middle of September.  My favorite time of year and it's whooshing by faster than I'd like.

I was at the market last week and was so surprised to see pumpkins for sale already.  I really had to restrain myself from loading up the cart, but, with the mild weather we've been having, these beauties would have been a feast for all the critters outside.  So, I'll wait a couple more weeks and make a trip to the pumpkin patch.

I've been busy with orders............the little work table is heaped and packages are going out today.

Mean while, back in the studio I still have orders to do and in between working on orders, I'm creating a grouping of halloweenies.  I'm planning on having a Halloween web show  in a couple weeks.  I'll post the date as soon as I pull things together.  

I hope the day is treating you all kindly...........
Yours in a Whimsy-