All About the Dress

I was a September bride.  
I remember the day well, still, after all these many years.

 I remember going to the chapel, marrying the man I love, the party, the cake. 
I remember the dress.... it was a special dress.

My Mom and Dad were married in 1954.
Mom was a beautiful December bride.  Her dress was gorgeous....miles of the finest, softest lace, a jillion tiny little buttons and a hoop to boot.  A veil that stretched to the next county.

Fast forward...........
Here I am...the blushing bride.  Ready to say my I dos to Mister Steiner.
I skipped down the chapel isle wearing Mom's dress.  Mom's beautiful wedding gown and veil.
After the wedding the dress was packed away with care and love.  I hoped at this time it would last forever and ever.....and maybe one day...........

One day did come.  
26 years later........
Our darling daughter met the man she would marry.
The dress, that beautiful dress came out of storage.  
Amelia slid into the dress perfectly, like it was meant to be.
With a careful and gentle cleaning the dress sparkled on her special day.  We removed the sleeves to give it a more contemporary look, to make this gown truly Amelia's.
We all lived happily ever after..........


what an absolutely beautiful touching! my ca.1980's mermaid wedding gown is quietly waiting for Hannah...I hope we can configure it for a more contemporary celebration when she decides to tie-the-knot ! thanks fro sharing the beautiful photos and may all
Blessed be!
Lori from Notforgotten Farm
Kays Kids said…
What a wonderful story, and a special dress with all those memories.
Such a joy to see each of these beautiful ladies in this special dress. What a treasure.


Heidi Steiner said…
Thank you ladies!!!! I'm happy you enjoyed my special day.
Mugwump Woolies said…
I love this! Such lovely brides and a beautiful family heirloom! Great story!