Something NEW and FUN!

Merry Monday!
Monday's just got Merrier in heidiland.
On random Monday's, I will post for sale here on my blog......
ONE "Merry Monday" bear or beastie or what ever is making me "Merry" for sale.

I'll always give a "shout out" here, on the the blog, the Friday before if I will have a "Merry Monday" offering.

This one "Merry Monday" piece will be for sale at 11:00 AM CST.
Just email me to purchase~

Monday, August 20th, will be my first "Merry Monday".

I'm so excited I might just make a cake!
*This yummy morsel is now being savored in Boston*

I hope you'll join me for "Merry Monday's"!


Kays Kids said…
Love your cake so much. It looks luscious.