A Proud Mama

Last Sunday morning me and the mister were stumbling around at another flea market.  We were elbow to elbow with crowds of eager shoppers.
Flea markets are great entertainment.  The people watching is always amusing.  It amazes me the number of people at 6 AM eating hamburgers and ice cream, I try to wait till at least 8!  I have to pace myself you know.

I didn't find a lot, but I'm very happy with the treasures I got. 

My son Jonathan sets up with his antique wares at the markets. This season he's been offering his hand made art!  Yard art.  I'm so proud of him.
I couldn't get as many pics of his pieces as I would have liked, lots of people excited to buy and I didn't want to be in their way.  Number one rule in a sales booth.....don't get in the way. :)

Jonathan is a specialty welder by trade, so his garden art uses his special skills of welding and antiquing.  He uses all vintage items to make is arty assemblages.
Is this "mosquito" not the coolest??!!!  An antique oil can, paint paddles and crazy strainer thingys for eyes....this big bug was scooped up immediately.  How cool it's going to look hanging on a shepherds hook.

I was darn near pushed to the ground by a lady grabbing for this one.....

Jonathan's vintage finds for his art includes so many different items, old forks and spoons, springs, faucet handles, knobs, vintage tins and so many other cool unusual things.

His pieces are amazing, from bugs to flowers, creatures found in the garden....I'm so proud of my son.

So proud to step back and watch him beam with delight........
I make this and people are lovin' it.

Till next time.........


Jody Battaglia said…
Wow...Thank you for haring your son's artwork with us. So cool. You are a lucky Mother, indeed. Jody