Flea Market Fun

Happy Monday!
We went to our areas first flea market yesterday.  The weather was perfect and so were all the dealers.
I fought my way through crowds of people, everyone picking and poking in hopes of finding a treasure.
I came home with bags of wonderful things.........here is just a little glimpse of the treasures I found..........
I was swooning when I came across these...

I have a batch of old and worn bears in the works..........I'll add a bit of chain to these locks....they'll look great on the bears.

My heart skipped a beat when I stumbled upon this old game..........

I found lots of lovely clothing for the bears and beasties too.
I'm wild about these old knit mittens and stockings.  The edging on the stockings is so pretty.

I was thrilled to find this child's size, long beautiful coat......I'll definitely be making a lady bear very soon to wear this.

I've got more bags to unpack and things to put away now......then you'll find me happily in the studio making bears.
Have a wonderful day!


Kays Kids said…
I love seeing the finds people pick up. The coat your bought is a dream.Plus the old worn locks sook so great.
Heidi Steiner said…
I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing my finds Kay. It's always so very nice to have you pop in her at heidiland.