Tea Party

"Do you want an adventure now
or would you like to have tea first?"
~Peter Pan to Wendy~

Every once in awhile I like to do a little something special for the bears and beasties.
They just love a tea party!
Would you like to join us, we wish you would.

(The little bears & ellies have taken the party to Earth Angels)

Have a silly sipping tea kind of day!


Jody Battaglia said…
Oh My! It was a happy day indeed for your grateful guests. I hope that they didn't chip any of your delicate china.
Have "Two sugars please" fun, Jody
Kays Kids said…
My your guests did all dress for the occasion. They all look on their best behaviour. Wilbur said he would like to be thereto taste the cakes.
TammyJae said…
So pretty!! I would love to come visit and have tea. I'm afraid that I'm way underdressed.
Theresa said…
Lovely tea party...and the guests are dressed beautifully. :0)
Heidi Steiner said…
Thanks for all the sweetness ladies! Wish you all could come join us for tea. What fun it would be!