Let's Play

It's not all work in the studio......
I really like playing with the bears and beasites before they leave for new places.

The ducks are so much fun!
I set them up as shop keepers in a candy store vignette.
They're very busy making chocolate Easter bunnies and tasting all the sweet treats.

Miss Duckie is fearless, she has no problem climbing high to the top shelf to fetch some sugary goodness.

Duckies are perfectly suited for this line of work........they love to quack all day.
Just ask Miss Purdy......she can't get a word in.
Miss Purdy doesn't mind the quacking, she's happy to listen and sample all the tasty morsels.

I hope you all can squeeze a little play time into your day!

Till Next Time.......


Jody Battaglia said…
Yum...Miss Duckie and I would have to arm wrestle over those chocolates. Maybe I should just" wing it"...Jody