Tasty Treats

Yesterday, after a good day in the studio I decided to bake.
I had a little help from "Puddin' Head".

I had a fun new cupcake mix to try out.......

I told Puddin' Head she could help, but, had to wear an apron.....this is the best I could come up with.

Yippee. The cupcakes came out of the oven just fine....I thought they might explode.

Puddin' and I indulged this morning and had them for breakfast.
They are very tasty.

Wishing you a day filled with all things sweet and tasty.


Jody Battaglia said…
Does Puddin Head share well with others? As they do look tasty.
Have silly "cream-filled" fun. Jody
Theresa said…
I'm coming to your house for breakfast!!!! LOL!!! Tell puddin I like her new outfit too. ;0)
Kays Kids said…
Dear Puddin, You are so lucky to cook. The cakes look Yummy. Do you think they would survive the post if you popped one in for me to have a taste test??????
Heidi Steiner said…
Thank you for the sweetness, Jody, Theresa and Kay!
You all are so welcome anytime, to come have cake with me and Puddin'.