What Goes On.....

What goes on around here while I'm working in the studio????
The bears run amok and get into everything!
This little Puddin Head is so nosy and just loves poking into all the stuff in the studio....

She loves playing with the rubber-bands.

I've told her and told her.....plastic bags are NOT a toy!

And I wonder why on some days I don't get anything done.

Oh how I love you Puddin Head!


Jody Battaglia said…
I love mischief-makers...Puddin Head and I would be great friends...But if we played together I would have to buy a fancy dress...Jody
Kays Kids said…
What a nosy little bear Pudding Head is. Of Course I would never.... ever..... get up to mischief!!!!!###
Hum, I have been thinking. May be if you and Pudding Head could come for a holiday in Australia, we could have fun playing together.