Marshmallow Sweetness

Good giggly morning everyone.
It's cold here......very cold.
More snow is on the way later today. No worries, I'll be toasty warm....playing in the studio all day with the bears and beasties.
It will be a perfect day for hot chocolate! Lots of hot chocolate.

photo source- Pinterest

I found these sweet marshmallow morsels a couple days the dollar store of all places.
I think they're stinkin' sweet.....I've filled all sorts of jars with them.

Stay warm and enjoy the day.


Kays Kids said…
I would love to join you with a cup of hot chocolate and talk craft in your studio. Sounds a perfect thing to do.
Heidi Steiner said…
Kay, this does sound like a nice way to spend an afternoon!
I just had to check out Heidiland....with a wonderful name like that.....I love these marshmallow delights also....hugs from another Heidi fro Alaska!