Let There Be Light

With the days being shorter and gloomier, the studio has been so dark. I have a huge window with a southern exposure, but, I still feel like I've been working with my eyes closed.
So, with the mister in tow, we went downtown to a large lighting fixture store.

I wandered the many isles in search of the perfect light for the studio.
Eureka! I found just what I wanted!
Most importantly...... it can handle 150 watts!

Mr. Steiner got it all wired up and hung for me. All in the same day. I did help a little.

Oh happy day.........
I now have the brightest light in the house!

Your Enlightened Friend-


Jody Battaglia said…
wow...fun studio...no wonder everything you create is so enchanting. Cool light fixture. You are a lucky girl.
Have "Putting a little light on the subject" fun,