Estate Sale Frenzy

A couple days ago while the mister and I were out and about doing the weekly errands........we stopped at an estate sale.
Holy moly. I hit the mother load of vintage finds.

I couldn't get home fast enough to go through all the bags and bins.
Mister Steiner set up a table in the garage for me to sort and organize everything.

Here's a few pics of the haul..........

The table was heaped with vintage clothing! 48 pieces of clothing. A dozen bonnets.......and a sweet little purse.

I spent the past two nights hand washing load after load of dresses.........capes.....petticoats and more. Everything now is springtime fresh and I can hardly wait to make beasties to dress.

I was especially excited when I opened a bin full of vintage quilts.
I thought these were truly meant for me to find.........all in red and white.....a couple crazy quilts too.
The bears and beasties just love wearing coats and trousers created from old quilts. I'm thinking a Santa robe will be fab too.

Oh my gosh, mounds of antique lace.........table coverings..........bed coverings and a huge stack of old feed sack fabric.
I couldn't resist grabbing stacks and stacks of wool. A couple antique sleigh blankets sealed the deal.
I hope you enjoyed tagging along.
All that's left for me to do now is figure out where the heck I'm gonna store this stuff!

Till Next Time.......


Вера said…
Cool!!! Very nice and useful stuff!
Jacqueline said…
I am so oooo jealous. Good for you