Big Red

Yesterday was a cold, dark and dreary day.........there was a knock, knock at the door.
I'm always excited at the thought I might have a is very solitary in my little studio and the smallest, simplest things amuse and delight me.

The Fed Ex man was at the door with a big, unmarked box.
Oh goodie, goodie.

I ripped that box open with my teeth and let out shrill sounds of ghoulish delight.

Mister Steiner (xoxo) treated me to "Big Red". A shiny red Kitchen Aide Mixer.
hmmm...maybe it's his subtle way of saying....FEED ME.
I have longed for one of these beauties forever.
I do not like to cook, I do not cook.
BUT, I do love to bake!

I'll be baking up a batch of tasty morsels tonight.
A Vulture is at the ready......ready to grab anything that hits the floor.
I already know I'm going to love Big Red and I'll be making lots and lots of Christmas cookies this year.

Have a tasty morsel day-


Yippie Skippie! Now you can bake to your hearts content! Bet the house will be smelling wonderful!!
Love the red!

Amish Stories said…
I was just passing through and thought id stop and say hello. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa.