Finds from the Flea

Yesterday was Sunday fun day.
The Mister and I went to Elkhorn, for Wisconsin's biggest and best flea market.
It was good!!! Real good.
I came home with bags and bags of goodies.

The weather was perfect for strolling, er, dashing through the fields of vendors. We spent the day picking and poking...........and visiting with dealer friends.

A favorite find is this sweet doll trunk. It has hangers and two little drawers. It was those little drawers and blue paper lining I found so irresistible.
I grabbed up the little children's books and a pile of vintage doll dresses too.

I finished making this old, worn bear on Saturday. She just loves the trunk and all the treasures too.

And the shoes. Did you notice the darling shoes???
I just HAD to have them.

Another must have was this vintage sewing box.......
I added the vintage pincushions and millinery flowers as we walked the fields.
I also brought home vintage children's dresses....... a Victorian velvet caplet and a gorgeous antique child's brown mohair coat with cap.

It was my lucky day!

The hard part now is deciding who gets to wear what.
Who should play with the trunk.......or wear the shoes. Maybe little "Weezies" will nestle in them.

What's a "Weezie"? I'll tell you in my next post.

Have a Happy Day-


Hanni said…
What wonderful finds, many possibilities!