Biker Chic

I'm on a mission.
I walk, or I should say I try to walk.
Maybe if I stung a doughnut from a stick and hung it in front of me it would keep my attention and I'd really power walk.

Instead of the doughnut trick..
I want a bike!

The kind of bike like when I was a fancy schmancy frills......lots of speeds or hand grip breaks.
I want a cruiser.
A big, plump seat....fat tires, one speed and old fashioned brakes.
AND handle bars that won't make me look like the hunchback of Notre Dame!

Of course I'll need a basket. You know just in case.
In case I peddle past a yard sale or the doughnut man forces a bag of chocolate delights at me... I can put them in the basket.

I'm thinking I'll need a little bell or horn......just to warn you I'm coming.
Biggest decision..........what color????
Pink or turquoises????

I think a bike is just what I need.
Who knows. I might just make some new friends.

See ya on the bike path-

photo source: Pinterest


Jody Battaglia said…
Heidi...once again, you have started my day with a giggle. I will be thinking of that dangling donut all day.
Have basketful of donuts fun, Jody