Making a List.........

And checking it twice!

I'm a lister. I couldn't function without my list of to-do's.
Every morning, without fail, while I sip my coffee and contemplate my day.............I review my list.
Everyday is written out with of the things I hope to accomplish. I don't have to even think where to begin my day.....the list tells me.
Someday's the to-do's are out of control and I know I will never get it all done. So, I just move them to the next day, and start all over again.
I do love making lists and I love at days end to cross things off.

Currently the list consists of all things Christmas!

Yep, it's hot, it's humid, it's July.........and I'm concocting Christmas goodies in the studio.
I'm preparing for fun filled days with gal pals at a Christmas Collectors Convention.

Guess what~ I can cross "blog post" off my list. :)

Enjoy the day-