I'm just twirly, whirly about Whirly-gigs!!
I have several and I love them!!!
This one is my very favorites.
A really old one..........and best part is the veggie men.

I took the gig outside for you to get a better pic. It's much to old and in such good condition that it must stay inside. Even tho it looks pretty good in the garden.

Enjoy a twirly weekend!



Jody Battaglia said…
Hello Twirly-Girl...I do believe that I want to come to your house to play. Your home, your toys and all of those little photos on your blog make me happy.

Have silly sparky fun, Jody
Heidi Steiner said…
Hello to you my silly friend- You'd be welcome to come play with my toys any time!
Have yourself a twirly, whirly day-