An OMG Moment

BIG news.......HUGE!
Well, at least in my little world it is!!!
I did a quickie errand to the butcher shop this morning....only a few blocks from the house and low and behold what should I see right across the street???!!!
I could not believe my eyes.....but there it was......the DD on a pretty brown awning!
I put the pedal to the metal and couldn't wait the 3 minutes to get home and tell the mister!
I was giddy. I'm still giddy.
There were lots of work trucks and a flurry of activity going on inside the store.......I'm hoping it will open soon.
I can only hope for neighborhood coupons.........grand opening donuts!!!
(Dunkin' Donuts photos
hmmmmmmm....maybe I should think about a summertime push cart and sell some of my yummy morsels.
No calories and plenty of fiber!
Can you tell........I'm really excited over this silly nonsense?

Wishing all of you a donuty day!



Collins Gifts said…
It is about time there was a DD in your area. Just think shortly Vanilla Chai Tea and Chocolate Cream Filled donuts to your hearts content..BTW they have a new style Choc. Cream Filled YUMMY!!
Theresa said…
After reading this post I soooooooooo need to get me a donut. :0)