It's Party Time

A party for meeeeeee????
Yes indeed........
The bears and beasties have gathered together and are throwing me a birthday party!
My birthday is today......but, the bears and beasties wanted to surprise me and we celebrated a couple days ago.
I wish you all could have been here to celebrate with us.
There was lots of playing .......and good eats.

I had a great time and a wonderful birthday party.
So did the bevy of bears and beasties.........they ate and they drank........not a yummy morsal was left.
After the partying was over it was so much easier than usual to wrestle them all into boxes and send them on their way.
Just where did I send them??? Did you notice the newest beastie design at the party???
I'll let you know where the party goers are on their way to in a day or two.
My birthday wish is for all of you.........
may your day be special and full of silly fun!


Mary Grace said…
Happy Birthday Heidi!Looks like a grand party and the party goers are divine!!!Have a wonderful day-
Happy Birthday!
Wishing you a day full of cake.
Theresa said…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Bear Hugs coming your way. :0)
Anonymous said…
Happy Happy Birthday! It is also my Mom's birthday looks like some wonderful ladies were born today!