A Visitor

I took photos yesterday and was going to post today about what's been going on in the studio the past few days.

I got interrupted.......I had yet another visitor. Just when I thought all the holiday callers had come and gone.

I was at the kitchen sink dying more mohair and glanced out the window. OMG. I leapt to the door and the visitor scooted away! So, I lurked about the kitchen another 30 minutes or so.......in hopes I'd see him again. I did. He returned.
I ran for the camera and to grab the mister, I knew he would want to see too.

I've never seen a opossum in the yard. We have plenty of deer, raccoons, squirrels and the occasional loon.......no not me........real cranes.

This guy really amused me ........I stared at him....he stared at me. After he was done feasting on a halved squash I put out for the birds and squirrels to nibble on he was gone.

I went out and looked up into the trees......hoping to see him and his family hanging from branches..........no luck...but this would have been so cool.


Collins Gifts said…
I am jealous...I have never seen such an adorable little guy..