It's been a week since I've popped in to say hello.......

The past week simply flew by. I've been in the studio.......working my fingers to the bone.
Gesh, look at these shabby thimbles!

My days have been spent working on orders.......creating all sorts of fun bears and beasities.

I gave myself permission a couple days ago to do and create whatever I please.........to tackle new designs that have been twirling in my head and not to worry about the "must do's". I've come up with a few special things and will share them soon.

Meanwhile, I'm still knee deep in all things pink.
A new batch of heads are waiting for bodies......some of the heads I've distressed and stained.......some are waiting their turn.

Have a wonderful day!


Collins Gifts said…
I see a stunning large center seam head that I hope will be coming my way.