Spotsie Dotsie

I had so much fun creating this special piece......for a very special lady.
Spotsie was under the Christmas tree, rather next to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning waiting for her.
A sweet gentleman commissioned this special gift for his sweetheart.
Don't ya just love a man that will spoil you rotten!!??

Spotsie, 42" of fun, was a big surprise for this special lady.
I love creating these giraffe's..........and in the new year I'll be creating them in a more petite size.........thinking 20".
But, at 42", Spotsie is a great dance partner!


Theresa said…
Heidi she is fantastic!!!! One day I'm going to have to buy one of these wonderful ladies.
Anonymous said…
Absolutely LOVE her!! Wonderful job, as always!!
Heidi Steiner said…
Thanks Theresa and Cathy for being so sweet!