Be my Guest

If you ever come to visit........and want to spend a night or two.......I'll make you comfy cozy in the "BOO" room.
This is my guest room.
A fun room for slumber all done up in Halloween.
Some of my vintage costumes are on display........the bed is layered in antique quilts. Cupboards and pie safes are jammed with spooky goodies.
One wall of shelves holds Mr. Steiner's antique veggie can collection. The graphics on these paper labeled jems are wonderful and all the cans are from Wisconsin canners.
My fav part about it all is the free hand veggie painting I did on the walls. I spent an entire week, about 6 years ago doing this.

Sleep tight!
Don't let the bed bugs bite!


Anonymous said…
I must bow before the goddess of Halloween! I thought I had lots of Halloween, including costumes, but I have been humbled by your post! Of course, I think I might take this as a call to arms...time to collect more! My poor husband!!!!!