New Guy in Town

If you can't beat them...........join them!
I'm getting into the spirit of the season that is. If the mister loves it so..........I guess I can try to like it too. Well, maybe, we'll see.
Now if football was like this.............I'd be glued to the TV every weekend too!
Meet the new guy on the team......

Bubba, 42", is a hunka, hunka monkey. I'm in love with this guy! He makes me swoon and is so dang cute.
Dressed in vintage pads, helmet and child's Halloween costume. The perfect football uniform.
His lil' buddy, Opie Opossum is the "holder".
Go long Opie!!!
They share play secrets........
The winning team......
Hope your Sunday is a home run! Er, a touch down!

Till Next Time-


I'd love football too if these were the players and pumpkins were on the field.
Anonymous said…
You scored a touch down with these.I'd like more info about them please. Will send you my email.
Roger Leffle
Collins Gifts said…
Michael says the colors are all wrong to have the winning team. He suggests you look at New England Patriot's website for winning color's.
Anonymous said…
Cute as cute can that opossum (or any family member) headed to Wendy Collins' artist signing in October? Gotta have one!

Heidi Steiner said…
Thanks for the kind comments and notes!
Cindy,this is indeed a opossum. I will have wintery opossum delights at Collins signing in October.........also....a halloweenie opossum is headed to Miss Wendy on Monday. I'll be posting pics here on the blog in a couple days.
Anonymous said…
Oh my, I can feel an opossum joining my Heidi grouping! Thanks for the info.