Hangin' Out

Since being way last week at the Golden Glow of Christmas Past Convention.........I'm now hanging out in the studio.
I came home with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head! The grandest Christmas eye candy was mine to be had last week. It's all I can do to stop myself........I'm dreaming Christmas.
But, I have resisted and have settled back into a good working routine in the studio. The fur is flying.
I created this sweet new woodland beastie......a Possum. He'll be a great addition to the other woodland critters I've created......the squirrels, foxes, beavers, raccoons, owls, crows, mice and skunks.
I just had to snap a pic of him hanging out in his natural habitat.
Hope you're all hangin' out in a place you love!
Till Next Time......


Anonymous said…
This guy is wonderful! Is he available?? I am sending you an email too.
Patty Moore